About Me

“The Man Who Gets On The Boat And Travels Is Truly Living Instead Of The Man That Stays On Shore And Watches.” – Me

Hi there, you’ve found my About Me page. My name is Aaron and I’m just a guy that like computers, adventure, and doing fun stuff in general. I originally made this site to show off my “knowledge” and “intellect” about computer science and programming, but then I realized I don’t care enough to be a hardo and just write, eat, breath, shit, and sleep nothing but CS. I don’t care about getting a job at big tech or anything prestigious really, so I transformed this site into a personal blog where I just post my ramblings and thoughts (Which btw I honest to god am surprised that you people actually read my stuff but thanks for tuning in anyways and giving me 30 seconds of your life!). I also occasionally post about my hobbies and adventures. I originally tried to use this site to show off my data science and machine learning knowledge but then I stopped because I realized just how over hyped and boring DS/ML actually is so now I’m just finishing up my MS in CS and trying to just become a software engineer and build dope websites. Also in case you couldn’t tell, blue is my favorite color so there’s that fun fact about me 🙂

To be quite honest with you I’m surprised any of you are actually reading this part of my site but hey you made it this far so here’s a selfie of me after an awesome surf session absolutely stoked and dead tired.

Me recovering in the trunk of my car (my trust adventure mobile) with my baby (Baby Blue, I loved my shortboard ever since it was welcomed into my world via FedEx)