Guest Post: Just Two New York Wanderers That Wouldn’t Be Too Long In Town – A Survival Guide of Exploring all of California in 9 days

Hello, my dear readers, this is Vic speaking to you. I will be hijacking Aaron’s blog account today, as I want to share a very interesting trip that goes well with a post Aaron made last year. When he, Ray, and I took on Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. That was a trip of a lifetime, and we were caught up in many shenanigans, lots of miles traveled through the less beaten paths….

Today I am back, a year later, to write about yet another amazing adventure that took place. This time, the target state was California. Yep, the state Tupac wrote that one song about. Now this adventure was a little different. It did not involve Aaron or Ray, although we would have loved to have had them there with us, work always gets the best of us. Instead, this trip was planned and executed by my girl and I!

Yep, just the two of us traveling through the Golden State. Now, of course, this is a guide, so many little things will perhaps be left out, but for the better. This is for YOU, the reader. I am giving you a path to an adventure, that I truly believe is the best way to travel through California in the limited amount of time given, as we only had 9 days. We did make some mistakes and learned quickly so that you don’t have to. Before we begin, let me just start you off with 4 things that you will absolutely need to do to make this trip worthwhile. 

Your Vehicle

Expect to be behind the wheel for 38 hours, covering a bit over 1500 miles) Now, this is very important. You will be basically living out of this car for 9 days straight. You want something that is fun, comfortable, and good on mileage. What I am about to suggest may go against at least 2 of the things I mentioned, but you’d be dead wrong to think so, and, therefore, we got ourselves a convertible Mustang. Nothing too crazy. It’s a base model V6 Stang. The important thing here is, MAKE SURE IT’S A CONVERTIBLE. You’re in Cali! You can’t possibly be driving down the desert roads, or the scenic Route 1 with a damn roof over your head. That’s not how you do it out here. Feel the breeze, the sun rays, the desert heat. It’s an amazing visceral experience, the wind traveling through your hair gently as you press on the gas going down a dark desert highway (Hotel California reference intended) is the one way to get the full adventure experience. It’s only 15 dollars more per day if you rent with Budget. I do recommend them and reserving at least a month or 2 in advance so you can get what you want, since they are sought after. People know the deal. 

Now, let’s talk about being comfortable. People have a misconception, that just because it’s a small sports car, that the seats are cramped, and that luggage space is small. Once again, people who think this, don’t know what a Mustang originally was and still is to this day. A Mustang is a GRAND TOURING vehicle, from the 60s till now and forever. Yes, it only has 2 doors, but there was only 2 of us, so who cares? The seats are HUGE and very comfortable, (this is coming from someone that drives a big ass Jeep Grand Cherokee on the daily) I cannot stress enough how BIG and COMFY these massive leather seats are, if you can’t get a hotel, you can literally just sleep on them, and they will cuddle you like a teddy bear. Luggage space is massive, the great thing about American cars, and huge American trunks! It fit two big Osprey bags, luggage/baggage, plus gallons of water, snacks, and camping gear. However, we did relocate our bags to the backseats, where you have plenty of room for more storage, and no, nothing flew out or away during the trip. 

Finally, mileage. Now, you must understand, if you’re traveling from the East, such as us New Yorkers, you will be shocked at the gas prices. Some places have it as high as 9 per gallon. Some have it as low as 6.09. Some VERY small towns in the middle of nowhere may offer 5.95, but by cash only. (HAVE CASH, you WILL need it to pump gas in some locations, and just for overall cash in hand moments) ANYWAY, understand, that this base model Stang is not some fancy sports car that requires 93 premium grade fuel. No. It’s a trusty American made V6, like most cars on the road, that does not devour too much gas, is good on mileage, and takes your basic 87 grade with all the shit that flows through it. We filled up maybe once every 2 days. And once a day when at half tank if we were on longer trips. No way we would want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere, with no service or gas. 

The Mustang in question, my girl on top, enjoying the sunset.


I don’t mean hotels, or Airbnb’s (only for the first night should you have something booked) I mean the BEAUTIFUL national parks that you will see along the way, and the reason why you should come here (in my opinion, the only reason) Yosemite National park REQUIRES reservations, you should camp there, as that was a big, 2 day part of our trip which I will go into later. To get reservations for camping spots, you MUST go to and reserve. They’re about 35 dollars per night, the only thing is you must hop on to this EARLY, or you will have to sleep under a tree outside of the park (not good). This is the only camping reservation we made from the 3 national parks that we visited, which were, as following, Yosemite, Sequoia, and Joshua Tree. However, EVERY park has an entrance fee of 35 dollars or a bit more. Instead of paying this every time you enter a park, I HIGHLY suggest you do what we did, get America the Beautiful Park pass, for 70 bucks a year, you get free access to ALL national parks across all the US, a very solid deal. You can get this card on if you’d like. 

Be Open

This isn’t one of those trips where everything Is planned by the minute, and you must stress and worry about how you must be everywhere to the minute, or you’ll be late, won’t make the check in times, or will miss some event, etc. No. THIS is the slow burn, this the “let’s actually have a good time, and not worry about a time frame” This is usually how we like to travel, you’re on vacation, not a race. Keep this in mind, and I guarantee you’ll be able to relax both the mind and the body. 


Be ready for DRY heat and a HOT sun. Temps can get up to 101F in the day, and drop to as low as 40F at nights, depending on where you are in the state. Pack accordingly for both situations, because if not you’ll find yourself freezing at 9pm, while you were sweating buckets just 4 hours prior! I personally packed a bunch of hiking gear that kept me in good shape. We also wore hiking boots throughout the trip, and flip flops when we wanted our feet to get some rest, or when we were close to a beach. 

The Trip Layout

We had 9 days. 9 days to see EVERYTHING California had to offer, this guide is more for the beautiful scenic roads, national parks, and small towns. We of course stopped in big cities as well, and I will mention them, but they are nothing special, and some are dangerous. All depends on where you stay. 

Day 1

Flying in. We flew into San Francisco. This was the start of our journey, we flew in early, I would say it was about 10am. Aim for the same, don’t waste a whole day by arriving late. We then hopped into an Uber and rode on over to the Oakland airport car pick up. Oakland is a city on the east side of SF. Our first mistake was made here. I will mention all the mistakes we made, so you don’t have to. 

DO NOT go to Oakland, it is littered with bums, drug dealers and human trash. I am sorry, this is just a fact. After getting our car, we went over to In n’ Out Burger, while on the way in, we saw a thief break into a parked car. I first thought maybe he was trying to get into it. No, he smashed the window with his fist. After we went through the drive through (and obviously decided to eat in the car) we saw 3 more instances of such in the SAME parking lot. Police eventually arrived and seemed to be joking around with the victims, apparently this happens here and in SF often. There are signs of “Please prevent thief’s of going into your car, take everything with you before you leave” AT EVERY PARKING LOT.

 So, I will repeat myself again, DON’T GO TO OAKLAND. Try to get a car from the SF airport to not have to deal with your car broken into. It was honestly wild to see this, as someone from NY, I leave a lot of things inside my car when I run to the store, etc, never did I have to worry about my belongings being stolen. 

Okay, now that we have that out the way, let’s go into what you need to do on your first day. GO SEE THE GOLDEN GATE, but don’t just drive over it like some loser and go back to your hotel, no. Go and explore the Presidio of San Francisco. It’s a massive park that has hikes of all kinds, and will lead you to both the ocean, and the bridge if you’d like. Beautiful greenery, and amazing views, fun, easy hikes, and an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge. I don’t know about you, but we wanted to get the most out of this experience, so not only did we follow all the paths the park offered, but we also walked the bridge, and then got into the car to drive over the bridge to the other side, where you will be greeted with another awesome location for a scenic point, and a memorial to our armed services. 

This was an amazing introduction to SF, you get exposed to both the mountain landscapes, the Pacific Ocean, easy trails, and not too many tourists! Which is always a huge plus. Once you’re done here, head on over to Pier 39. Getting here will take you through a drive of SF itself, the Chinatown it is very well known for, and small restaurants and bars where you can most definitely stop for some grub, but don’t! I have an amazing Ramen place to share with you in a few! 

Pier 39 offers a very interesting feature. MANY, MANY SEA LIONS! And yes, they are all cute. It’s why people come here, they just flop on the deck and hang out right in front of you. It’s amazing, we spent an hour just admiring how funny and quirky they are. The place itself has many, many shops for souvenirs, sea food, and sweaters to keep you warm. (THERE IS PAID PARKING 1 HOUR FOR 10 BUCKS, 3 HOURS FOR 20, TAKE THE 3 HOURS FOR 20) Reason being is, after you’re done being enamored by the seals, you will be hungry, you had a long day! You hiked around the Golden Gate, you did fun trails, you walked the bridge, saw seals and interesting shops and now…now it’s time to wind down and have a meal. We had Ramen on our first day, the place was called Torraku Ramen – Lombard. It has an insane 4.9 out of 5 reviews and was worth every slurp. You will want to walk here from Pier 39 by foot, this way you can see SF at a slower rate, the hills that keep people in the area fit, the one-story houses, and so forth. It’s a nice walk there and back to the garage where you left your car safe and sound for 3 hours. Plenty of time. Now, if you are wondering about where we stayed, well good, I hope you were! The ONLY planned Airbnb we got for the first day was in Eastmont Hills. It’s the way better part of Oakland, it’s a nice suburban area. Quiet and peaceful. Our host, Diane, was a retired speech language pathologist, living with her husband, who was a retired special education teacher. (My GF and I are also speech language pathologists, so we fit right in) I am sure you can search her up on the Airbnb website and find her, if you do, tell her that two SLP’s stopped by here sometime before…

We used B&W film for the majority of the trip, this shot of the bridge is just stunning.

Day 2

Okay! You made it to the 2nd day, it only gets better here. We woke up and had breakfast downstairs. Diane is nice enough to offer whatever is in the fridge for you, a very hospitable host, and we loved her dearly! (Her husband and her have a VW camper van that they want to travel the country in, and I think that’s adorable) We packed our bags, threw em in the Stanger, and continued our trip. (Yes, we nicknamed our car Stangy, Stanger, and Stangaroo, so if you see these pop up, that’s why) We were off to Santa Cruz! On our way however, we stopped by a mystical little place that takes you back to the 18 hundreds. The Roaring Camp Steam train which rolled on through the Redwood Forest. Make sure you VISIT this place. It’s a literal copy of a small cowboy town from 1880 with shops to match, but what’s more enticing is that they have a train from over a 100 years ago that still runs and will take you on a one-and-a-half-hour adventure around one of the most impressive forests I have ever seen. Contrary to popular belief that the tallest trees grow in Sequoia…no, they grow here, in the Redwood forest, and the sight is WONDERFUL. The train ride is long, informative and has a stop at the top, where you can hop off, take photos, walk around, and just be free to do as you wish, before it’s time to get back on the good ol’ choo choo train to head back down. 

I must say the technology back then, and the way they made these train rails work…unbelievable. Check it out for yourself! When you arrive, your stay in the Redwood forest is not over yet, go on over to the various hikes they have to offer and hike to the OUTLOOK BENCH, I say it’s about a 4-hour hike, not too steep, amazing views, a good hiding spot from the sun, and most of all the trees…the freakin trees, you’ll be hiking with your head up majority of the time. Once you make it to the outlook bench, there is a wooden rail in front of it, you will find that I carved our initials in there. That’s where we made our mark, you should too! 

Admire the beautiful view that opens in front of you, and head back down. When you make it back in town, grab a cold soader and snackers (I tend to add “ers” to words, don’t mind it) in one of those 1800 style stores before you hop into your car on the way to Monterrey, a beautiful city by the coast. We got a motel there on the way, as you should too. After checking in we visited a beautiful coastal location named Cannery Row and Lovers Point Park (aww). Huge coral reefs surround this area, beautiful clean ocean water, and soft sand! We parked our car here, with the top down, sat on the trunk with our legs in the backseat, and just enjoyed the beautiful sun set, something out of a 90s romance novel. We ended up in a sea-food restaurant that’s right on the water, named Schooners Bay, stop by here for some good shrimp, weary traveler. 

The tallest trees on earth.

Day 3

Day 3. Wake up and go do the 17-mile drive! That’s exactly what it is called, it’s a beautiful drive around the coast, with many stops to get closer to the water, climb rocks, and meet little squirrels which are NOT afraid of you, and will eat whatever you give them. (And where I burned myself terribly, wear sunscreen!)  

Prior to that we did explore the city itself, one of my favorite cities on the trip. Lots of motorcyclists, classic car enthusiasts, and overall interesting people. There is also a portion of the city dedicated to John Steinbeck, but I do not recommend it, as it’s just a tourist trap. 

Now you should still have PLENTY of time in the day (I should mention we woke up around 8am to 8:30am every morning) The next location will absolutely blow your mind; it is the BIG SUR AND THE MIGHTY PACIFIC COAST HIGHWAY ROUTE 1. Don’t worry, you will pass the BIG SUR while on route of ROUTE 1, but I CANNOT stress this enough, DRIVE THIS ROAD. It may very well be the most beautiful road in all the U.S.A. The twisty portions of it will have you excited behind the wheel, the Stanger reacts nicely to tight turns for an American muscle car, the views will have you stopping at every possible opening to admire and take photos of what you will see…it is an ENDLESS scape of the ocean, reefs and mountains, you will not want to stop driving on this road, it is like a magnet, and it keeps pulling you in for just one more twist…and you will abide by the law of such nature. 

We stopped at least six times, if not more. We were absolutely enamored by the beauty before our eyes, photos to follow of course! Without getting too much off topic here, we came here for a few things, one is to see the Mcway Waterfall, just put that in your GPS, its right off one of the many exit ramps on Route 1, it’s a 5-minute hike to admire a waterfall that has not been touched by humans in anyway. It’s in a spot where it’s practically impossible to get to, but the tease is worth the squeeze. Another location you really want to visit here is the Nepenthe Restaurant, it’s located RIGHT on Route 1 and once again overlooks the ocean, the food is good, and the views are even better! A cozy and comfortable spot to take a rest after a long day of being on the road, cowboy.

After your belly is full, go on and find another motel that would be on the way to Yosemite national park, however, that’s about a 5-hour drive, so what you really want to do is head on down to a little town named Sonora! 

The scenic route 1.

Day 4 

This town is small, American livin’, hard workin’ Harley ridin’, and whiskey drinkin’ vibes all around, good people and great atmosphere. Our Airbnb host (once again, probably the only one in town) was named Candy, she is turning 75, still takes molly, gets high and will be attending her 4th Burning Man in August. What’s more impressive, is she has 4 cats! And we nicknamed one of them CUTER, because he was..well, super cute, and came to cuddle with us when we woke up the next morning. I do believe I have a pic somewhere, I’ll try to add it on here. 

Let’s talk about this town a bit. It’s a must visit, it’s classic Americana, make sure you go there on a Saturday, if you are following our schedule, as they have dancing, partying, and grilling right on the streets! There is an old classic candy store that you must see for yourself, 3 bars that offer darts and pool for super cheap, a great Thai food spot, and many odds and ends. You will probably spend a while here, we went down to the “main outdoor area” where a live band was playing. In fact what was interesting, was there was live music in almost every store! 

The closeness of this place really got to me, my girl and I ended up sitting on a bench that night, just looking at the small houses, and 2 story buildings where the interesting people of this town lived, where neon signs lit up their businesses, and where people drove pick-ups and Harleys… I do wish to come back through here at some point in the future once more. 

When you wake up in the morning, and as you head towards Yosemite, you will pass another small-town way high up in the mountains, however, don’t gaze around too much, stop here to have breakfast at one of the OLDEST Saloons in the state! The Iron Door Saloon. A classic old place that’s been around way longer before you and I. We got there at the same time as a bunch of Harley riders from Italy. They were on a big road trip themselves, it was interesting to cross paths with them all the way up here… life has a way of connecting the things you love. Cool bikes and good food always do it for me! 

Days 5 and 6

The next part, the “middle” portion of this adventure will take you through 3 of the most beautiful national parks this state has to offer. Remember that America the beautiful pass I was talking about earlier? This is where that comes in handy, drive up to the main entrance of Yosemite, passing by gorgeous views of the half dome, and various landscapes, present your card, and be let in, like the VIP that you really are. 

Once inside, you want to go to the visitor center area, where two small and easy hikes are located, that would be the upper and lower falls trails, that is the official name. These trails require some easy rock scrambling that get you close enough to feel that wet mist hit your face on a very hot summer day. Pure bliss. Don’t stop here however, go on and do yet another hike, named Nevada Falls, that gets you even closer to the action! 

If you do reserve camping spots (which you should) the campground we recommend is the Wawona campground. Gear goes without saying. Make sure you have a tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, etc. The campground does offer parking, a fire pit to grill/cook, (we grilled some good steak the first day, with some potaters, and salad, mmm, (MAKE SURE YOU KNOW HOW TO START A FIRE) a bear safe food storage, a portable sink/bathrooms, even a shower room! But that was closed when we got there, of course. We spent two days at this campground, but did have to move around, since we had 2 different spots (reserving the same one for 2 days is tough, it gets sold quickly, so get on it!). But it was amazing, one of our spots was number 026A, and it had an amazing river running through it. You can go there to fill up your Nalgene or even go for a little swim, if you dare! 

For hiking, which I am pretty much a seasoned hiker at this point, I HIGHLY recommend the 4 Mile Trail, that is exactly what it is called, however, the whole round trip is 9.2 miles long. DO NOT let that stop you! Yes, there are many switchbacks, yes, the elevation gain is up to 7k feet, but regardless, the views at the top are to die for (but not literally)! You will see the Half Dome and all the other monstrosities of size around it, it’s mesmerizing. The hike down will have you tired, but that’s part of the game, it’s either you’re fully in, or you’re going to half ass it, and on a trip like this, half assing is just not the route to take. Suck it up, drink lots of water and get up this freaking trail. DON’T pack a whole bag of crap either. You just need a Nalgene filled to the brim and a few snacks. We took granola and coco puff bars…(yes you can definitely guess who chose the coco puff bars). 

We then went to a place named Curry Village/center, it’s the one place that still had working showers in the entire park, and trust me, after this hike, you’re not only going to want it, but you’re also going to freaking need it. Come back to your campsite after for a well-deserved meal, although we decided to eat out of the park that night by infiltrating a nearby cabin resort, where I am 110% sure we were not allowed but…can’t write too much about everything here, huh! This would end your days 5 and 6. 

The 4 mile trail.

Day 7

Wake up the next morning, 7th day, feeling good, and you’re off to Sequoia, your next location. Remember how I mentioned the tallest trees of the Redwoods? Well, Sequoia is home to the LARGEST TREES ON PLANET EARTH, and who are you not to see and admire them? The road up to Sequoia is for motor enthusiasts, it is the TWISTIEST and the WINDIEST road around…ever. And it’s so fun, that on the way back, I put the car in neutral, used no gas, and just used the brake to get back down this amazing part of the trip, saved gas, and had a bunch of fun turns to get through, however be careful here! Personally, I am used to corners from riding a motorcycle, and playing a lot of Need for Speed (okay maybe not the latter) but seriously, take it at your own pace, it’s a fun road nonetheless. 

When you get to the top, once again, get water and head on to GENERAL SHERMAN, this is self-explanatory, it’s a huge, massive…ginormous tree, and that’s not all! Don’t just stand there to get a photo and leave, embark on the Congress trail! This 2.2 mile trail takes you through most of the interesting parts of the park, where you will see trees that you can actually step into, touch, and get more personal with (but not in a freaky way please, unless you’re one of those, then you do you). 

This will be a short visit, there is not too much to accomplish here, most of the hikes are around 2 to 2.5 miles, of course you can wander deeper into the woods, but I do not recommend it, as you get used to the sights fairly quickly. Hop in your Stang, happy with all the tree photos you took, and  head on out to the general direction of the next destination, and I think one of our favorite parts of the trip, Joshua Tree National Park, which I was not too excited about, because I literally thought it was just one tree to look at, I was dead wrong, and partner, I sure am glad I was! 

Day 8

From here on out you’re on your path to Joshua National Park, which also sadly makes this adventure come to an end, day 8 up ahead! You can once again find a motel anywhere you like on your way, it really doesn’t matter, you just need a place to crash, I think ours was right in front of the Ford dealership, in a small local town named Porterville, It’s not known for much, and is just your regular American town with gas stations, McDonalds, and probably the best Taco truck you have ever eaten out of. A worker was waiting in line for his food with his son nearby, looked at us and asked… “What are you guys doing in the east side of Porterville?” and honestly, we had no answer! We were just nomads, cruising through this state, wanderers to the towns and cities around it…

When you head to Joshua Tree (it’s another long drive) put in Café 247, it’s a VERY unique spot in the middle of the desert, the outside is filled with old cars, something out of a Mad Max movie, an old Crown Victoria will meet you, and a big sign of CAFÉ 247 will be displayed largely, come by inside for the unique atmosphere, and grab yourself a lemonade, you’re going to want it, weary traveler, you have many more miles of desert to cover. This place we found out about at a gas station by complete accident from someone that was next to our pump. When you finally get to Joshua Tree, you will feel like you have once again immersed into an era of the wild wild west wild, vast fields of desert, cacti and the hot sun, just you, on foot, trying to traverse through the various trails under the heat rays… It’s not for everyone, make sure when you do decide on a trail, it’s after 6pm, when the sun isn’t scorching hot. I know I mentioned water before, but for this park you NEED to have water, you will become dehydrated where the temperature is a constant 100 degrees and above. 

We did two very amazing trails here, the Wall Street Mill, and the Cholla Cactus Garden Trails, the Wall Street Mill has technology back from the 1800s still scattered around the desert of what looks like a massive wasteland, we were the only two people there, you will run upon gold mines, old Fords, left to sun dry in the desert heat… Some places say you should not trespass, but if no one is looking, did it really happen? It’s so surreal to see such old technology in the middle of nowhere…to see what this machinery was used for, to wonder if there is still gold in those mines… take a sip from your trusty Vault 13 Nalgene and keep on trekking through this 2-mile trail of the past. 

There is even a spot where a man killed another over water, that same man came back after he did prison time to leave a plaque that stated where he committed the crime. We stood right on top of that spot, a place where a man was shot because someone else was thirsty, therefore I keep telling you guys, always pack water, and always keep hydrated…  you will see many holes in the ground, you will wonder who lives there, scorpions, snakes? Maybe rats… you’ll see for yourself when you get there, watch your feet wanderer. 

After this trial is done with and you make it back in one piece, go ahead and drive to the Cholla Cactus Garden, nothing difficult here, but some very interesting nature, the cacti here, are some that you will never see anywhere else, and there are…hundreds, if not thousands all around. it’s a beautiful sight, and one to truly take it. It should be about sunset time now, and you should be heading towards LA. However, for the night you will want to stop at the fanciest motel in town, The Infusion Beach Club. It’s some sort of combination of motel living, plus fancy surroundings, they have a pool and a jacuzzi, the rooms have king sized beds, and TV with good cable. Huge bathrooms, and there is even a cat that lives in the main office, what’s not to love? 

This will be your final night in California, and the end of your trip that was rich in sight seeing, adventure and must visit spots as you traverse the big vast lands of California… 

Day 9

Next morning, on day 9 you will drive into LA, and can visit places such as Venice beach or the Santa Monica Pier, this is where we went to finish our journey, and pay respect to the most legendary route around the U.S., Route 66. This is exactly where it ends, and you can snap a pic of the sign right there. The beach is a lot like Coney Island here in Brooklyn where we are from, so to us it was a pretty similar sight, but perhaps for you, reader, it will be something of interest and memories to keep… 

Before heading off to LAX, we stopped at yet another very good Mexican spot, called Blue Plate Taco, come here and order yourself a chicken fajita, you deserve it, it’s delicious. Head on off into the LA sunset as you drop off your car and check in… we bought books to read. I read a YA novel, titled “How to Train your Dad” by the same author who wrote Hatchet (remember that was a middle school required reading?). It’s a silly, easy and fun read. We also played Uno till it was our time to board, our score is still 5-5, so we will see who takes the lead on another adventure that’s later to come…

But that, wanderer, is a story for another day…

Some Important Tips

I gave you a general overview of all the places we saw and visited, I want you to know, that you should feel free to add your own destinations, see what you want, and do as you please, but this was an absolutely epic adventure that left me speechless plenty of times, and for 9 days, I feel like we covered all the important destinations of California, and you should too. I would also like to say that most of the places we ended up in, did NOT come from searching and googling, it came from friendly strangers at the gas station, amazing Airbnb hosts, an Uber driver, and many more….and that’s how traveling should be done, by word of mouth, that’s how you see the best of what is offered in each town or place you end up in. Trust in the process, and don’t be afraid to ask around, you may find something way more valuable than a google search will ever give you.

I didn’t write much about the roads themselves and the driving, I feel that would be a boring read, that’s something you need to experience yourself, and not from my words, but from behind the wheel. The long stretches of desert roads with no gas stations in sight, the beautiful mountain twists, and long highway pulls at nights…. are something you need to FEEL. Of course, feel free to reach out in the comments section if you have any questions, and I will elaborate as best I can, but this is a blueprint, you should add on as you wish, my dear traveler. 

So, blast some Hotel California, or some Big Iron, and head off on your journey to make memories that perhaps…will last a lifetime, and who knows? Maybe we will catch you on the road passing by…maybe not. 

Special huge thanks to my amazing girlfriend who had the task of finding places to stay, directions, being the DJ, and searching things up when there was barely any internet, and putting up with who I am. 

Special huge thanks to me for making sure we don’t die on hikes and in the woods, driving and for making fires. 

Special thanks to my brother Aaron for letting me post this on his blog. 

Shout out to the reader who got this far and appreciated the read…see you in the wastes!

A long desert highway awaits…

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